Home network: Devices can no longer log in to server for "File Sharing"

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by Notario, May 19, 2015.

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    My home network seems to have stopped working right.

    I've been running a home network on Yosemite (not "OS X Server"), with an Airport Time Capsule Extreme directly attached to a Mac Mini used as a "server" for sharing files locally from its hard disk.

    All was well, until this week I find I can no longer log in to the Mac Mini from other devices on the wireless network (MacBook Air). Under the Mini's "Sharing" menu, all users on the network are given "Reade & Write" access (named users of Mini and MB Air, as well as "Staff" and "Everyone."

    For example, on the remote MB Air, trying to connect via the Network, the menu says "Enter your name and password for the server "Mac Mini". I enter the "Registered User" names and passwords I had been using, but they are rejected (signalled by the menu shaking). Likewise I cannot log in using my Apple ID or a "Guest" account (the other options).

    The Mini shows up as a shared device on the Network menu but cannot be accessed. All software is up to date. "Network Diagnostics" shows everything is OK (Ethernet, Network Settings, ISP, Internet and Server).

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    Step 1: power cycle everything on the network. Computers and router(s).
    Step 2: report back.

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