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    I have a Time Capsule and an Airport Extreme in my home. The Time Capsule is in a corner of the house connected to the cable modem and the Airport Extreme is in the middle of the house connected to the time capsule through an Ethernet cable. As of know I have both of them broadcasting separate wifi networks with different SSIDs. Is there anyway that I can set them up so that they have the same SSID and my devices switch between them depending on which has the stronger network?
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    I don't have a time capsule and an extreme to test, but I can set my extreme to extend a wireless network. I would imagine you can do the same thing on a time capsule.

    I use an Extreme as my main router and an Express to extend the network with the same SSID so that devices can roam seamlessly between both networks.

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    What you're looking to do is called a "Roaming Network" in Apple's vernacular. This is the ideal way to extend a network between two AEBS/TC devices since you'll get maximum throughput between devices connected on opposite routers.

    Here's the Apple KB on the subject.
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    That looks like exactly what I need. Thank you! Hopefully the devices will know when to switch between the base stations.

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