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    I have several network devices that are creating clutter. I want to relocate these devices to the basement, because the basement remains cool year round, while keeping them hard wired to my Mac. Now I have people who can help setup this type of configuration, but I'd like some ideas on how to store these devices. I'd like to find resources on how others store their devices, but I can't seem to find how-to videos or pictures of any kind. So any help would be appreciated. Either your own photos or links to setups would be great. Thanks.

    Examples of what I mean: shelving, storage containers. Kind of like a server setup at a business, but obviously on a smaller scale. I also want to future proof this setup to be able to expand.
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    I work at several smaller medical offices that just have little server storage closets. For the most part, all the network equipment is wall-mounted.
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    First thing you have to remember is the NAT issue. Just remember that NAT device (router) that is closet to the ISP modem should be the only device doing NAT. Any router like device behind that main NAT router should be setup not to do NAT. Apple calls this in this router 'bridged" mode in their setup.

    Now if these "networked" devices that a great load of services (like a server or media server) should still be wired for high definition video (preferably with CAT5e or CAT 6 cables). I personally use the D-Link 8 port switch with CAt 6 cables I got from Monoprice and stream MKV files to my media Mac Mini media storage with zero problem.

    If you insist on wireless then look at N wireless routers using the upper 5 GHz ranges to give yourself a clear channel for the video/audio serving.

    I i were in your shoes i would buy an Airport Extreme, a long CAT 6 cable going through the conduit going to the basement to the gigabit switch and cabling to the basement devices (from the D-Llnk switch connected to the extreme upstairs. Heck if you don't want to use the Extreme and just your own router then just buy two of the switches for one upstairs and one down stairs.
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    This is along the lines of what I'm looking for. I also wouldn't mind seeing pics of what others are doing, but I can't seem to search for it correctly. Thanks.
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    Try "home wiring closet" or "structured wiring"

    I'll post some pictures shortly.

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