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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by mlody, Dec 30, 2017.

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    This is somewhat two fold question. My end goal is to have a seamless sharing capabilities of my home videos and pictures so that my wife and kids could use it.

    Our home library has about 16000 pictures and about 2000 home videos. I have been using an old school cataloging method by chronologically creating folders for individual evens as outlined below:

    12-31-2016 New Years Eve
    11-10-2017 Weekend in Wis Dells
    12-01-2017 Random December'17
    12-24-2017 Christmas Eve

    The same structure applies to my videos, but they are in a different root folder.

    Is the Photos app the best way to handle such workload? I am concerned that I would loose control over how things are cataloged since I would no longer have things in folders. This might not be an issue for the most recent pictures or videos, but files from 2001 are probably going to be a problem since time/date stamps are not correct.

    Seems like iTunes has a quick function to share photos with Apple TV including the videos? Is that a better solution perhaps? Not sure if I would need to recatalog everything to make it work smoothly.

    I appreciate any input on this matter. I am really curious what methods or combinations of solutions people use to manage home media like this. Thanks!
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    Hi Mlody!
    I have all of my photos & home videos in the Photos app of my MacBook Retina and I LOVE IT! Apple TV sees it and you can control which albums or ALL are streamed to the ATV. Don't forget in Photos, you can make Albums which you add your pix & videos to and move them around!!!

    Don't worry about date/time stamps, you can change those by clicking on the 'i' logo on the top right hand side. Double click on the date & time when it opens and you can add your own date etc!!! Very versatile!

    I find it flawless and rock solid. I sync them to my iPhone X too.

    Out of interest, I make printed photo albums, book, calendars, birthday & Christmas cards & have pics printed using Apple's Printing services. The quality IS EXCELLENT!!! All of my friends loved their Christmas cards this year :)
  3. Notechy macrumors member

    Apr 11, 2015
    I have ATV 4. I have around 25000 photos in folders of my own choosing on my iMac. I avoid the Photos app on the iMac for the reasons which concern you. I do successfully view my photos on my tv via ATV, organised within their individual folders/albums, having set up home sharing in iTunes. I share the whole of one high level folder, “collection”, and that brings all its folders at next level. I have few sub-folders under them and I suspect that it does not show these folders, but picks up their photos.

    I have only a few, relarptively insubstantial videos. I include them in this same process, usually grouping them into their own folders labelled with a “v”.

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