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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by amemoryoncelost, Sep 20, 2014.

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    I've been an iCam user for what seems like forever now, multiple years and while it works for the most part, I'm not happy with their inability to add HD support. It's almost 2015 and damnit, I want HD!!
    So, are there other options out there? I've got two IP cameras, so I would prefer something that can utilize those, much like iCam does. I also want something that is a one time payment, also like iCam. Paying $10 or more a month for something that can be done for free seems silly, but I get it because something like dropcam is HD, two way audio, etc.

    After a bit of google searching and forum searching, I haven't seen much, so any ideas would be great :) Oh and it doesn't need to be controlled from a mac, I also have a PC for my HTPC, which has been running my iCam Source for the past six months or so.

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    Bumping because I'm also interested.

    I recently picked up a Foscam tilt/pan camera with wifi, and the UI is terrible. Half of the features don't work, the app isn't reliable, and it feels like it was developed back in the 90s.
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    Just preordered Homeboy and should receive it this week.
    I downloaded the app and registered. The app looks good and I can't wait to try out the camera.

    The tech support was great. I had problems registering but it was due to Apple's Mail dumping all of my mail in archive and drafts folder. Google Mail was the culprit. After fixing the archive mail problem, through settings in Google, the incoming mail into the drafts folder problem popped up. Anyway I deleted my Google account from Apple Mail and everything is back to normal. Anyway I got a prompt response from the CEO of the company and was impressed with their response and support.

    At $149, it's an inexpensive solution with no monthly charges, like some of the other security camera systems.
    There is a pretty comprehensive review for Homeboy on CNet online.

    Just received my Homeboy camera and very impressed with the performance for the price paid.
    The only snafu I encountered, occurred when trying to set it up for WiFi. I have a long convoluted password so I had problems entering the information before it timed out. On the second try I got it in.
    It works, as advertised. The system arms itself when I leave home and disarms when I come back. I added a couple of people to my crew. It worked for them as well. I also like the feature which allows you to leave text messages for your crew. I understand that you will be able to opt in, at a cost of course, for monitoring in 2015. I probably won't be needing this as the notifications for me and my crew seem to be sufficient at this time.
    Homeboy was very well done, IMHO. Great Job at a great price!

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