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    Jun 25, 2011
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    Hello all

    I'd like some advice / suggestions on a home server setup please

    Current kit = iMac i7 mid-2011 on Mavericks (my main machine), MacBook C2D on Lion (wife's machine), Mac Mini CD hacked with C2D chip running Lion server / OD

    I've set up the server simply as a tinkering machine, mainly to help me learn more about servers and management etc - it's not a necessity nor is it mission critical, but I'm enjoying learning more and am gradually implementing some of the things I've learned by using Server.

    My young (pre-school) son is now in need of access to a computer as he's just beginning to learn about using them, but for all the obvious reasons I don't want him using my iMac, nor my wife's MacBook.

    Going forward, I'd like to be able to use Server to manage parental controls and permissions etc across all our devices (including iPads etc) and as my kids get older undoubtedly there will be more kit added to the household and more time spent managing it. However, it seems the parental controls in the client OS are more comprehensive than available to configure in Profile Manager on Server. Am I missing something there?

    I want to carry on using Server - even though I'm well aware I don't need it for what we use. It's been an enjoyable learning curve that I'm keen to continue with. I'm also well aware of the 'golden' rule of not using a server as a client machine.

    Seems I have two options - either buy a new Mac Mini to replace the current one as the server, and redeploy the existing Mini for my son with no risks to our main computers.

    Or, saving myself a few hundred quid, install Server on my iMac and wipe the Mini for my son. (means we might be able to afford to replace my wife's ageing MacBook a bit sooner!)

    Given the simplicity of my setup (and the non-critical nature of the server within that) is it such a disaster that my main machine is also the server?

    Any other suggestions out there as to how to do this better? Anyone got experience of doing something similar?


  2. mvmanolov macrumors 6502a

    Aug 27, 2013
    i have a 2012 decked out mini that i use as the main machine in a HTPC setup and run server on it. I do have aMBP that i use to tinker on, however in order to to mess up the server configuration.

    That being said the mini runs more than fine in my setup. it being the HTPC i use it daily for just about everything that i do and have not had any issues with the server app. aside of the VPN not working (MAV issue)

    Given that you have a mini that you can create a couple of accounts on, i'd make the iMac your server and use the mini when you son isn't using it, to tinker and learn this way you never mess up the actual server setup :d

    and of course back that S*&% up :D

    Having a time capsule backup of my machines has saved me on more times than i can imagine especially before i got the mini. Then i was using the MBP as the HTPC/Server/tinkering daily computer and a few times i really mucked things up. :D

    anyways, good luck mate :D

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