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Discussion in 'iPod' started by InfoTime, Mar 25, 2010.

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    Need help understanding all of this...

    A husband and wife want to share their music libraries. He has a PC, she has a Mac. He has his own iTunes account, call it "his@yahoo.com" and an iPhone. She has her own iTunes account, call it "hers@yahoo.com" and an iPhone.

    I figured Home Sharing would be an excellent fit. So I authorized his computer using her iTunes account - i.e. in iTunes I chose Store - Authorize Computer and entered "hers@yahoo.com" and her password. I was told that it was successful and that she had used 3 of her 5 available authorizations. Home Sharing worked great.

    Then I became concerned that when "he" got home and synced his iPhone it might mess up his apps because he had purchased them using the "his@yahoo.com" iTunes account, and his computer was now authorized with the "hers@yahoo.com" iTunes account.

    After much discussion about which iTunes account would be the one they'd use, we decided that we'd put them back to each having their own after transferring the music. (99% of their music is CD rips, so the iTunes DRM really not an issue)

    Then I noticed that in iTunes under Store it says next to View My Account: "his@yahoo.com" ! I thought I had changed his computer to "hers@yahoo.com". I didn't deauthorize him first.

    So, the only explanation I can come up with is that his computer is authorized for two iTunes accounts - "his@yahoo.com" and "hers@yahoo.com". I was not aware that you could be authorized to more than one iTunes Store accounts. I guess you can?

    Again, the main goal was to share their music libraries, while at the same time not messing up iPhone apps.
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    For home sharing you need to be authorized for both accounts, at least if you want access to the other account's music.
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    My wife and I share one iTunes account- makes life so much easier.

    She has iPod Touch, MacBook all with her own apps syncing to Touch. Her own music which I dont' really want to listen to, but she also has apps we both have as well as music and movies, etc.

    I have an iPod Touch, MacBook Pro all with my own set of apps that sync to my own Touch. I have some things she doesn't want on her computer as well including some apps.

    We both can cater our apps through our own iTunes program on our own computers. What is nice is that if She buys an App I can download it for free for my own Touch.

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