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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by mrfizzed, Jan 22, 2013.

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    Nov 1, 2009
    OK so I am totally new to this itunes match and home sharing thing. just got apple tv. was using two macs with same library for itunes (id sync the library, or basically the ENTIRE itunes folder from one mac to an exteral drive, and then to the other mac, if i ever wanetd to jse 2nd mac) that way both macs stayed in sync with itunes. a pain in te butt i will say.

    anyway....now that i have I think decided to only use my imac for itunes, since my apple tv just makes more sense with it, i turned on home sharing on that itunes and plan on making that my sole itunes library. so home sharing is on on the imac. my apple tv sees the home sharing without fail, GREAT!

    questioin is this...i deleted my entiere music folder from my mb pro and turned on itunes match. all of the music from my imac appears on my mb pro (i assume it is seeing it just like the apple tv is when I am home and on the same network). when i go to work I assume the "imac library" that it now sees will not be there but the itunes match "cloud" music will still show up on my mb pro correct?

    my questions are this...
    1. can i edit playlists while at work on my mb pro and have them cloud sync back to my imac or no?
    2. can i sync my iphone with my mb pro even though the music is not physically there anymore?
    3. should I turn on home sharing on the mb pro and if so why?

    Thanks in advance folks!
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    Jun 30, 2010
    1. Yes, anything you do in iTunes (with regards to music) will reflect back to your iMac because of iTunes Match. You can also add music on your MBP and it will show up on your iMac. (You'll need to download the files to your iMac though once you get home. I used to add music while at work and just download them when I got home.)

    2. You shouldn't need to sync at all since you already have iTunes Match. iTM gives you access to your full iTunes library on your iPhone. (I've haven't synced any iOS device since Match launched.)

    3. No. There's no reason to have Home Sharing on it.

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