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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by yg17, Jun 7, 2008.

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    I'm getting a high def TV soon, and have some questions on hooking everything up.

    Right now, I've got my 360 and TiVo going through my 5.1 receiver, which goes out to my TV via composite, since that's all it has. I'll eventually be adding a PS3 into the mix too.

    Now, obviously, once I get my HDTV, I want the best possible connection for the components. My receiver does have component in/out, but no HDMI, and I'm not sure if it can switch 1080p on component.

    So, what I was thinking is this:
    Get some HDMI cables, and hook the TiVo and PS3 directly up to the TV via HDMI. Since I don't have a 360 with HDMI, just plug it's component output directly into the TV. For the audio, run optical cables from the TiVo, PS3 and 360 into my receiver. And since the receiver is doing audio, just keep the volume on the TV down. You're probably wondering how much of a pain in the ass having to switch inputs on both a receiver and TV will be, but that's what my Logitech Harmony remote is for ;)

    I just really need to know if this will work. I think it should, but I don't know if the PS3 and the TiVo would be able to put out audio on both the optical and HDMI outputs. I don't know why they wouldn't, but, you never know and I don't need any surprises when I hook everything up.

    And one last question I have, is the TV stand I have is about 28" wide. I'm looking at a 40" TV. The footprint on most TVs of that size seem to be around 22" or so. I'm really trying to avoid having to buy a new stand for now, so is there any danger in using the one I have? Weight, I'm not worried about, because it's holding up a 20" CRT (which has to be just as heavy at least) and the thing is SOLID. I just don't know if letting part of the screen hang off like that is any cause for concern
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    That's pretty much the way my HT system works. I have a PS3 and instead of TIVO I have the DirecTV HD DVR. Also have a DVD player. The devices output video directly to my Samsung DLP. The audio is output to an 7.1 receiver. Switching is handled by a Home Theater Master MX-700 remote that fires discrete input codes to the TV and receiver. Works great and has for years. It's even wife friendly.

    Good luck (to a fellow St. Louisan).

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