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Jun 21, 2010
Does anyone use HomeBudget? I purchased this about a week and a half ago and have been using it and it works really well...I just have a few questions.

Is there a way for me to transfer money from checking account to savings account without creating a bill for it? My bank automatically rolls over some money for every transaction I make with my check card into a savings account and it is getting REALLY annoying creating a bill for each time this happens. I know I have heard of a few banks doing this same thing so it can't be just me.

Is there a way to break down a bill into multiple payments? If I have say a $500 payment due on 9/1 and I pay $200 now, it is showing the entire bill as paid even though it isn't...I'm also not getting an option to make more of a payment. Just wondering if there is a way around that other than creating multiple bills which is what I have been doing. I know it is probably weird but some of my bills I pay using more than one account and if there is an easier way to handle this then that would be awesome.

Is there a better app that could handle these two things and everything else that homebudget can handle?



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Jul 27, 2010
+1 to Moneydance.
Very powerful desktop version and simple easy to use iOS version.
Wireless sync too.
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