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    My favorite FREE app for using HomeKit is the Elgato Eve app:

    If you want the only app right now that allows triggers and other iOS 9 goodies, Home:

    And if you want to see my article talking more about the Home app:

    Technically speaking anyone can write an app that gives you control to devices in the HomeKit database. That is the premise that the Home app above works on. In this case, certain people have opted to not give you much access (Philips Hue, and Lutron Caseta, both have very limited HomeKit control). Whereas Elgato, who offers their Eve devices, is one of the best most complete ones I've seen to date. Down the road when they add trigger support, they will be the best. The INSTEON+ app also exists, but I'm not a huge fan of the UX myself. Hope this helps you find the best app for your needs!
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    Thanks that was a good read, I'll download it once I get Lutron shades, a friend is bringing me the the HUB from the US as its not available in the UK. Just trying to find out if I can use the wired light switches on 220v we have here in the UK

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