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Jun 4, 2008
Question as per title really.

I need a replacement for Harmony Elite which is on the fritz and I'm currently having to use the Harmony Watch app with Siri shortcuts to control TV, Apple TV and Virgin Media (mostly for on/off and source select), but this relies on me being around because I can't be bothered setting up the same on other household iPhones.

I'd love to find a universal remote which is natively HomeKit compatible so voice commands could work for my household. NB I'm UK-based. I have searched but found nothing which is HomeKit compatible (a few for Alex though) and therefore doesn't require Homebridge.


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Oct 18, 2011
I'm not aware of any, although Matter may open that up a bit.

Future release but they think maybe next month. I've been running Harmony Hubs with a HomeKit bridge running on my Mac Mini which is on 24/7 but I'm worried that at some point Logitech's just going to shut the servers down, making adding new devices and scenes impossible. HDMI CEC seems very hit and miss from one manufacturer to another as well, so it's always been a struggle in the past to find a good HomeKit solution IMHO.
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Sep 26, 2004
I’d guess that a solution using either homebridge or home assistant would likely be your best bet, albeit requiring a bit more leg work on your end. It looks like there is an IR blaster from Broadlink that can be networked.

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