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Jul 12, 2008
I've been trying to find more info before I buy a new router. I see Linksys routers will support homekit since the last update, will this be done through a firmware update to existing or do you have to buy a new one that is made specifically?


Nov 8, 2017
New York
Hard to find any info on this. I have an Eero Pro setup which is supposed to support HomeKit Routers from the start but nothing has changed since the 13.2 update. I’m pretty sure it’s firmware though. Guess the ball is in Eero and Linksys’ court. Same with Secure videos. I have 19 Logitech Circle 2 cameras and nothing changed with that either. No clue what’s going on with these two features and it’s frustrating.

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Oct 31, 2019
United States
So what is benefit of Homekir router?
Supposedly, it improves security of iCloud or HomeKit devices connected through the router. Here's the first article I read at ComputerWorld. My opinion is if you want better protection for headless devices which require internet access, then configure your own DNS and VPN servers. Periodically audit your network connected devices, use MAC filters, and even create separate networks for the IoT devices from normal device traffic.
Why we need Apple's HomeKit-enabled routers
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