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Nov 17, 2018
This is a little long winded so bear with me.

Literally overnight my HomeKit devices have stopped acting correctly. Everything was working perfect for better part of a year. I made no changes or added no devices; this literally started just coming home from work.

So in the various rooms I have lights set up basically as such..

Example: Office

HomeKit Name: Office Lights(group of the two bulbs in the fixture)
Turned on: The overhead lights

HomeKit Name: Office Lamp
Turned on: The lamp on my desk.

That's generally how I have the rooms set up for Office, living room, our bedroom etc. Up until this...event...I was able to get Siri to turn on the over head lights, the lamps, an individual lamp(based on it's inviduvial name), all the lights in the room etc.

Basically, again without changing anything, Siri has stopped understanding the difference between the word lamp and light...... but only in certain rooms. When I tell it to turn on X Room lamps it turns on every bulb in the room etc.

HomeKit has always needed a lot of hand holding but now it's just being stupid. Even if I give the device some arbitrary name it still won't control the device separately. It sees it all in one room, see it's a light and turns it on no matter if I use the word lamp or light.

Furthermore, it only does this for certain room types. I have no control over the lights in the living room or bedroom but my office ones still work correctly.

Not sure if that all made sense but does anyone have any idea how to proceed? As a stop gap I had to move every single device to one master "room" in the home app, name them all what they are, then go from there. This allows me to control them individually but robs me of room and zone control.

[doublepost=1554788570][/doublepost]I meant to post this in the HomeKit section, I apologize.


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Sep 25, 2013
Yeah, I was having troubles with HomePad refusing to set a timer. Everything else seemed fine. I reset the device, it worked.

But . . . then some songs wouldn't play from my iTunes Match subscription. This went on for a good fourteen hours. Then, after *another* reset, that problem fixed itself.

Just plain weird . . . I wonder if something isn't going on in the cloud?


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Nov 16, 2017
A little over a week ago I was having some weird HomeKit issues too. I am not sure if something was going on with the cloud or something. My scene for when I leave the house was making the lights all blue instead of the normal white. Have you tried re-creating the room?


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Nov 30, 2004
Toronto, ON
Yeah, I was having troubles with HomePad refusing to set a timer. Everything else seemed fine. I reset the device, it worked.

Yeah, same here.

Unlike most Apple devices, HomePod is experienced almost entirely through Siri. Updates happen in the cloud, rather than in firmware changes on the device, and those updates are in my experience happening virtually every day, sometimes multiple times a day. So if something has changed, they’re likely tinkering with it in Siri’s labs. The timer problem went away after a day or two.


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Jan 8, 2012
I read your post and I thought I wrote it. I have the same setup and HAD the same trouble. If I said the device then the room it works fine, very odd. ex. Turn on the lamp in the office. Sometimes if I say turn on the office lamp it will turn on both lights or tell me I can't activate the office or some nonsense I don't listen too...


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Nov 17, 2018
It’s still not working the way it was. Apple told me they updated things to allow for more options so now you have to name things more specifically. So instead of living room lamps, end table lamps etc

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