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    I have a Hue motion sensor and I want to have an alert when there is movement and I'm not at home.

    I configured the alert settings of the sensor in homekit accordingly but it's not working (I had someone at my home triggering the sensor while I was away). The sensor triggers in home but I get no notification.

    So , I removed the condition that we need to be outside the house and configured it receive them all the time whether or not there is people at home and I received the notification, it worked.

    So you may think that my geofencing isn't working but it works just fine with my automations (turning on and off lights when we arrive/leave house).

    Any idea ? I'm kind of lost.


    Edit : just to be clear

    1- Automations based on location for turning on and off lights works !

    2- Enabling motion detection without location (so if I’m the one triggering the sensor, I get an alert) : it works !

    3- same as two but get alert ONLY when me and my wife aren’t at home : no alert. To test this, my mom was at home while I wasn’t and never got any alert. I know she triggered the sensor because my lights opened.

    So, location based works for my automation but NOT for motion sensor.
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    How do you create such an automation in Home?

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