HomeKit Homekit Outlets to Control AC Units?


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Feb 4, 2014
I have a couple of window AC units and looking for some add-on plugs top turn the AC on and off.

Any suggestions?

I don't want too rewire anything just some basic plugs I can have home kit turn on and off.


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Nov 8, 2017
New York
There is an abundance of these available for HomeKit compatibility. If you open the Home app, hit the “+” button at the top right and then “Add Accessory”, all the way at the bottom it will say “Learn about home accessories.” Tap that and it will take you to a list of all HomeKit accessories available or announced. Scroll down to “Outlets” and pick your poison.

I personally use the Wemo Mini. A separate Wemo bridge is not necessary for these and they have a horizontal bias which allows you to stack two on one double outlet or use one and leaves the remaining outlet still available. A bit finicky to set up but work well once they’re configured. There are two versions out there. One is HomeKit compatible out the box with a HomeKit QR code sticker and one that requires an update through the Wemo app for HomeKit compatibility. Both work the same once configured for HomeKit but I’m sure I read that with the one that doesn’t have native HomeKit compatibility, the Wemo app is required.
[doublepost=1561058194][/doublepost]Here is a pic of two of them stacked. The little white LED indicates that it’s on. A nice little glowing light that doesn’t light up the whole room in the dark. I use them as “Presence” indicators (something I miss when I was using SmartThings) and for automations. It allows to bypass a notification for my garage doors and open them automatically when anyone privileged arrives.

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Dec 19, 2004
If using on window ac units make sure the device can handle the amperage. Window ac units pull lots of power and might exceed the switch’s ability.
The Belkin Wemo Mini @Itinj24 recommended are rated for 120V and 15A. They should be able to handle anything a standard residential US 120V 15A wall outlet can.

Now besides keeping a home comfortable. I'd suggest to the op to just set a warmer away temperature and leave them on. Depending on flooring type. You run the risk of the floor swelling, cupping and buckling (hardwood and some engineered flooring) if the temp and/or humidity gets too high. High temps and humidity in a sealed house can also increase the risks of mold giving a house a musky odor. Which is nearly impossible to remove when it sets in. Outside of ripping out the carpets and coating all subfloors, walls and ceiling with a coat or two of Kilz primer.


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May 27, 2008
this is a little late but..

if your AC remotes have a display on them (that shows the temperature, fan speed, and such)
take a look at Tado, its like nest for smaller ACs
it's a small white box (looks like a thick drink coaster) with an IR blaster.

you can set up as many schedules during the day as you need.
the app has location services, so if no-one is home, it will set the AC to away mode (you set how you want, mine is just a high temp as velocityg4 suggested, and because of the cat)
and the new version is homekit compatable. so you can have Siri set the temp, instead of just on and off

They also work with ifttt.com, so you can automate that way too.
I have a couple that are button presses in my widget screen, one turns on the ac on as I leave work, or another that keeps away mode from kicking in if I'm not leaving the house that long.

Sensibo makes basically the same item (no homekit though)

since I have an older Tado model without homekit, I use a program called homebridge, It makes non-homekit things work with homekit, and there are a ton of plugins so you can add control for pretty much anything controllable over the net. there are plugins for both Tado and sensibo.