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Andrew K.

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Jul 9, 2008
I know not as cool as the homemade iPhone one but still took me alot of work to make this one! I ordered the regular costume online, it looked good but when I got it not only was it too big, but very cheap looking so I made it myself!

I started out by buying some belts and buckles from goodwill. I used only 2 black ones for the straps that connect to the bigger belt. I had a giant piece of leather to work with so I used it to cutout the bigger straps on the shoulders. The button was bought off ebay :)


All the belts were sanded to shape the ends and to make them look worn and riveted together by hand. The giant middle belt piece was cut out of aluminum, and the lines were spray painted on and 2 pieces of leather were glued to the front. Then it was riveted to the giant waist belt which includes 2 separate pieces on top that go all the way around both sides.


The left red/silver shoulder armor was cut from aluminum also and painted with metallic spray paint ( for the red parts only). All 3 parts were riveted together to another leather strap around my arm and another one that goes from the middle aluminum piece to the top of the shoulder.


The right shoulder was made using a kneepad covered with aluminum tape, I then spray painted the tape metallic blue with some black to make it dirty, a star was outlined before I painted it. It is also attached to the other shoulder strap by rivets.


The back of the straps came together and snapped onto the metal ring you see in the middle of my back, then one strap comes down to attach to the waist belt which is tied together.


My mask was made from one of those all white full face masks. I cut it to match the Comedians and painted it matte black, I painted around my eyes and stuck it on with double stick tape ( it never fell off )


Here's a full shot, my dad had some old leather pants that fit so I got lucky there! I added with black leather gun holster and toy gun spray painted to match the movie's along with another holster for beer :D . I had some fingerless workout gloves, and cut a black long sleeve shirt for the elbows. The little buckles ( down my stomach ) were also cut out of aluminum and have square pieces of leather glued on and taped to my shirt.


Me and my friends went to a party friday, it was frakin' cold and some of us got sick ( especially my friend dressed up like the hulk haha ) But we had alotta fun...and drinks :) my other friend Jackie dressed up like Silk Spectre but she has the pics of me and her, I'll post em later.


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May 16, 2006
You know, technically the blood on the smiley face pin comes after the Comedian dies ;p

Looking good though :)


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May 27, 2010

i know itll be a bitch but i really wanna go out as all the charecters with my friends halloween so is there any way you could get me,,,idk more detailed instructions and the things ill need cuz yours is by far better then any ive ever seen and i dont want to ruin the plans for my friends
if you cant i understand


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Jun 22, 2013
First of all, congratulations for doing this such perfect homemade costume. I'm trying to make my own, and yours is by far the best I've seen on internet, so I'd like to ask you some questions:
1) which of the various versions of the comedian's costume available online have you ordered? And in case, which parts of it you used for your costume?
2) More specifically, how you made the left red/silver shoulder armor?
I'll be truly grateful for your answers and for any other advice you could give me about it.
Thanks in advance :))
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