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    Feb 26, 2015
    I'm not really into these smart speakers, but I do want a nice single speaker system for my living room. I was attracted to HomePod because of it's size, looks, but mainly it's supposedly "phenomenal", room filling sound. I've listened to it a few times in the store and I just don't hear why people are raving about the quality? It sounds like a typical 2.1 system to me. It's got exaggerated highs and lows, but didn't sound much different than many much cheaper speakers. Maybe it's a different experience at home?

    The other problem is the lack of 3rd party music players, specifically Spotify. I hate Apple Music, so having a device tied to it is a deal breaker. And the fact you can't even use this as a speaker phone, something you can do on a $20 bluetooth speaker is surprising. And of course, it's pretty pricey.

    So I've given up on the HomePod and now I just want a decent living room speaker. Nothing really fancy or too loud, just something that sounds really good and can fill an apartment without annoying my neighbors. I like a single speaker design with omnidirectional sound. Ideally something that looks good too. Any recommendations?
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    Maybe this is worth a read....the BBC have done a speaker comparison test.


    I don't agree with all of it's findings. I have the Sonos 1, 3, 5 and soundbar and just recently a Homepod.

    I far prefer the HomePod for both music quality and ease of use. That said, I'm well integrated into Apple music (hate Spotify like you hate Apple Music) and so this work really well for me. Plan is to wait for AirPlay 2 so they do multi room and then get replace the Sonos apart from the soundbar.

    From the review, I really liked the link to a spreadsheet of how each assistant performs to a list of questions. The HomePod did alright I thought, especially once you rule out such pointless questions such as 'what sound does a cat make'. Do I care if HP can't answer questions like that?

    Not quite sure what you mean by HP not acting as a speaker phone.....it can, but it is a little clunky I'll admit. Hoping that AirPlay 2 sorts that one out.

    If Spotify is your preferred music source, I'd agree other speakers are the better choice.
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    I've been building a Sonos system recently. I'm pretty happy with my Ones and Play:1s. For my room and music, the Homepod was too bass heavy and lacks a good mounting solution. Alexa is OK but the integration isn't quite as tight as it is on an Echo device. Some complained about the ability for he Ones to hear you, but this seems to have been fixed with the more recent update. Personally I use the app more for music control, so if you don't need voice control you can save $100 by purchasing a pair of Play:1s vs 2x Ones.

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