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Jul 27, 2012
I started playing with my HomePod as a TV speaker through the new Apple TV eARC setup and have been finding myself deeply regretting not buying a second HomePod for stereo support. So much so I have begun to look around for a second Space Grey HomePod, though this has been difficult given it seems to have completely evaporated after only two months since it's discontinuation.

For those that have been following the HomePod since discontinuation, are additional stocks periodically arriving at stores still or is this likely the last opportunity to buy one (though I'd have to settle with a non-matching white)?

Or at this point would it be best to get a used one for less (though still white...) in the hopes of a HomePod 2/Pro?

I have been having difficulty coming to a decision so anyones general thoughts are welcome.
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Jan 3, 2014
Silicon Valley, CA
They are not making new ones. If you find one, grab it. It looks like Apple's supplies of white ones are also dwindling. I nabbed one to complete my second set. I have stereo pairs of space gray and white. Also a stereo pair of space white mini and a gray singleton.
I am still using the Apple HiFi I bought in 2006 with a Classic iPod. That one also sounds very nice.
My living room has a high-end preamp/DAC from Peachtree and Event Opal monitors. They cost A LOT more and sound awesome, but the Apple Pods hold their own and are fun for more casual listening not demanding attention.


Nov 8, 2017
New York
Let’s it put it this way, the day after the discontinuation announcement which came as a huge surprise to me, I immediately purchased a space gray from my local Apple Store online and that was the last one. Then began looking for two more to complete what I needed. Had to drive to a Best Buy and pay full retail (which I never did with these and the one from Apple was on the Military discount) for the second. This Best Buy was 50 miles away and got the last one there which I ordered online the night before. Found the third at another Best Buy 20 miles from that and that was the last one. All this traveling was done on the second day after discontinuation. I was waiting for another $200 sale to get the last three but I saw what was coming and jumped before it was too late. I currently have nine of them.

As mentioned, if you can find one, don’t hesitate. There is no solid leak or rumor of a Gen 2 HomePod on the horizon. Amazing how these things weren’t popular until they were discontinued. Human behavior. People want what they can’t have. I remember shortly after the announcement, even used HomePods were marked up heavily on eBay.

I say, get two white now for a matching stereo pair and use the space gray in another room ?


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Jul 27, 2012
One thing I have been considering that others might as well, Japan uses the same power standards as US. Similarly to the UK, they also still have Space Grey HomePods in stock on their Apple page.

They are a bit more expensive and you’d naturally have to translate as you go, but there is a wide variety of forwarding services between the US and Japan to choose from.
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