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    Weird situation. Have HomePod pair in living room, and another one in kitchen. Everything was fine until a couple of days ago. I usually use my phone or iPad as a controller for Apple Music. Noticed my phone’s available devices started showing only one HomePod in living room (no double HomePod icon). When I used the phone, only one living room HomePod would respond. Using “hey Siri” or my iPad...the stereo pair plays. The double HomePod icon always shows up on IPad.

    My airplay settings are set to anyone on my WiFi, on both phone and iPad. Tried resetting living room pair using phone (removed devices from Home app, unplugged; set up again and paired them). Although the stereo pair still shows up on my iPad, the living room pods don’t show up at all on the phone now (not even just one). The single kitchen HomePod does show up on the phone.

    Sorry for the length of the post. Anyone have similar issues or a possible solution? Thanks.
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    Apr 3, 2008
    Tried rebooting my router, and now the living room HomePods are back on my phone (and Overcast app), but still only showing as a single HomePod...as well as only playing music (AM app) or podcasts (Overcast app) through one living room HomePod. When I use the Home app on my phone, the living room icon shows two homepods, and I can play music using both homepods. An awkward solution.

    After about 10 minutes, the double HomePod icon showed up on my Apple Music and Overcast apps. Perhaps the result of the router reboot? Home it lasts...we’ll see. Sold my pair of Sonos Play 5s (that’ll teach me).

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