Hooking up a Macbook to a TV

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by kazam92, Jul 23, 2012.

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    Jul 23, 2012
    Let me preface by saying I followed Ziggyonice's comprehensive guide in regards to this subject.


    So I have a White Macbook (purchased after fall, 2009) and wanted to figure out how to hook it up to the various televisions in my home. We have an ancient Sony Television, a 42 inch Hitachi from around 03, and a relatively new Vizio flatscreen, which all have the Red, Green, Blue component cables on the back. Reading the guide, I went ahead and purchased all of the required cables and whatnot in order to set it up. In my case, the Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter, the VGA to RCA Component RGB Cable, and the audio cables.

    So when I hooked it up to the older televisions and changed to the input, all I got was a purple and greenish screen with a faint image of the laptop screen. Hooking it up to the Vizio, nothing happened. The component screen remained Blue.

    So I'm sure either I'm missing something or skipped something in the guide. I chose to go with the component + VGA to RCA because it was more affordable than buying a converter along with the Audio/Video RCA cable. If anyone could break it down, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm not great with this cable hookup stuff. And if I posted this in the wrong section I apologize.
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    Now if I'm thinking right here because you went through vga you will need a screen that supports sync on green and it looks like no of your screens support this. This will be why you will need to get one of those expensive boxes that converts the signal. If you didn't mind not being able to put your screen on the sony I would think that the other two would have HDMI (or at least the hitachi) which is much simpler to go through. Hope this helps :)
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    Jul 23, 2012
    That helps a bit. But one thing that confuses me is that the hitachi is an HDTV but doesn't have any HDMI plugs/outlets in the back. Again, not great with this sort of thing. The Vizio does have it, but I'd prefer getting it on the hitachi as it is in our living room..

    But I think I'll just buy the items needed for HDMI. Thanks.

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