Hope all the iPad 3's are protected...

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  1. Bheleu, Mar 6, 2012
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    ... we have an inbound X5.4 class CME headed to our Planet.

    To make this thread a little more iPad friendly, get 3D Sun put out by NASA so you stay alert.

    Hopefully this is not another 1859 Storm in the making.

    What you could expect today if it did.

    Video of it on SolarWatcher.Net

    If it was as bad as the Carrington Event, you could kiss power goodbye for many weeks, satellites and anything with an antenna would be affected (cell towers themselves). In 1859, they unplugged the telegraph batteries and the system still worked because the charges in the atmosphere traveled along the telegraph lines.

    Nothing like spending a lot of Money on a brand new product, and then the internet and power grids go offline.
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    Ahh, how much I would love to see an Aurora in southern california. But yeah, something that strong would be devastating to a lot of electronics.

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