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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by SecretSquirrel, Sep 23, 2015.

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    Jan 21, 2013
    Morning all - in case it might help someone else, I thought I'd post details of a "little victory" I scored recently.

    Following the demise of our old but reliable HP printer which worked with everything, I ended up buying a wireless Canon Pixma 3250 to replace it. As you might expect, there are drivers for anything Intel but no PPC.

    So I installed the last version of Gutenprint for PPC which claimed to be "experimental" for my printer and tried to print a simple test page with a bit of text and a couple of small images. Good news was that the WiFi connection worked and the printer did print. Bad news was that the colours were completely off. Everything looked like it had been overdosed with black - even the text.

    After googling around for ages with no luck I thought I'd have a look at the local CUPS web server on http://localhost:631. In there I found I was able to set up many aspects of the printer and even print a test page. However the colours were still off.

    Then I noticed that the Color model in CUPS was set to RGB. On a whim I changed it to CMYK and tried again. This time it worked perfectly! Colours were spot on and the text weight was what it should be. Printing from Pages was also perfect.

    Fired up by one success, I picked up my 12"PB running Tiger and installed an older version of Gutenprint. This version doesn't even list my printer but did have the Canon 3100. I selected that one as it was nearest and went into CUPS again to set up the preferences. After switching the colour model again to CMYK, it too prints perfectly!

    So now I can print wirelessly from both the 12 and the 15. Happy Days!
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    Gutenprint is the Swiss Army knife of printer drivers.

    It enabled my G5 to print to a Canon all in one that was Windows only back in the day.

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