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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by SirStrumalot, Jul 18, 2017.

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    Hey guys,

    So I have a Retina MacBook Pro from 2013 that has served me very well until now. About 2 months ago, the laptop randomly died, and just wouldn't turn on (I was using it mere hours before this happened). I did the usual troubleshooting (SMC, PRAM, Power cycle) and nothing.

    Took it into the Apple Store, and their response was that there was no obvious damage, and that my only option is to send it in for a flat-rate repair, for which they quoted me $450. Now, I was super frustrated at the lack of accountability and decided to just buy a used MacBook off craigslist. The genius said his best guess was a dead logic board because it wasn't the battery, display, any of that.

    About two weeks ago, I posted an ad to sell my 2013 Pro for parts (for $150). Whilst preparing to meet with a buyer, I plugged it in and did an SMC reset and power cycle just for the heck of it, and lo an behold, the laptop turns on and functions perfectly like I'd just put it to sleep. I then used it for a week, and again three days ago, same thing, it wouldn't start up.

    Last night, again after an SMC reset, it turns back on and functions perfectly like I was just resuming from where it left off. Apple has been no help, and now I'm just afraid to put the laptop to sleep incase it doesn't turn on.

    Can you guys help me figure out what could be wrong or how I should proceed or even just post about if you've heard/dealt with anything similar? I'm just so frustrated at this point because 1) as a student, I can't afford to randomly spend hundreds of dollars on it and 2) I ALMOST sold what is at the moment, a perfect functioning MBP for $150. Talk about a close call.
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    I would leave the laptop on 24/7 to see if it fails
  3. Audit13, Jul 20, 2017
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    If it seems to work each time after a reset, I would lean towards the issue being a motherboard problem.
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    The issue is most likely the motherboard is faulty, it shouldn't be acting as sporadic as you described. The repair would be pricey. If it keeps failing to boot here and there sell it its not gonna be different for the buyer, he's gonna have to fix it.

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