Horrible audio stuttering after 10.8.2


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Mar 21, 2012
My Mac has started to stutter horribly when listening to music or watching video on YouTube, somewhat arbitrarily. I'm a music producer and it's especially horrible in Logic, causing absolutely MASSIVE CPU spikes and makes it absolutely useless to work in. In Logic it stutters every few seconds.

I'm not the only person reporting this - what gives? Any solutions?

I'm also experiencing intermittent WiFi outages where my iMac states it's connected to WiFi but has no internet connection.


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Oct 12, 2011
Sadly, there isn't a quick fix solution.

I suggest you contact Apple and try and help them solve the problem by consulting with their engineers etc. Maybe even email Tim Cook about it (that's what I did and someone got back to me pretty quickly). The problem will only be fixed by an update that solves the problem.

I have the same problem as you and I know it's frustrating. I helped Apple out by sending them data and such about my iMac while the problem was occurring so that a solution could be found for the next update.

I don't trust Apple after this. I still am shocked that an issue like this could slip through to a new iteration of what once was a solid OS.


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Apr 6, 2013
Mac Pro 'multi task stuttering'

My Mac Pro ( 16gb ram ) has an issue that is annoying me too....I can't hit 'save' in Photoshop without Spotify stuttering....it never used to be an issue...I thought multi tasking was one of Apple's strong points in the past, but no more it seems! I have more ram in my system now than I've ever had and yet everything seems to run a bit slower...and Wacom's ( Intuos 5 Touch ) are playing up too ( that could be a problem with their drivers )
Anyone else having the same problem since the 10.8 update?
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