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    I hope this is in the correct area. Let me begin.

    I purchased an iPhone when it first came out. I waited in line. In fact, I bought another one because one broke. I sold my iPhone about two weeks ago so that I would be able to afford the new 3G model. I thought everything was fine and peachy till I saw AT&T's pricing plan on the phones.

    I called AT&T and they told me that because I do not have the phone anymore, I must pay $400 for the new 3G model. Now at that point I was so angry of how unfair that is. This puts me in the same place as if someone where to BREAK their phone and they are unable to purchase a new one because the apple store doesn't sell them anymore because of the new 3G model.

    So now I called Apple and they said to contact AT&T and see what they can do because the rep completely agreed this was unfair.

    I figured Id call the apple store and see if I can have a telephone number to a district manager. I called the store and explained the story to the manager and she began to say "So let me get this straight, you sold your phone to make money and now you're mad because you have to pay $400 instead of $200." I explained that I sold it so that I can purchase the NEW 3G model. I was shocked by how she spoke to me especially her tone. I instantly said "May I just please have a district managers number?" she replied with "uhh, um.. we don't have them" And I said "That's strange, most companies have someone, is there anyone above you that I can speak to?" she replied with "yeah but he's not around, I can have him call you". Now at this point I don't trust her delivering a message for me so I asked "May I have his telephone number?" I was then disconnected.

    In the years I've owned apple products and dealt with their employee's, I've never been treated poorly. Her wise-ass response and accusing me as trying to basically hussle them was out of line.

    Is there anyone I can contact about this entire situation? Is there a regional manager, ANYONE I can talk to for the NJ NORTH EAST area??
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    Sounds to me like the support person was afraid that she would get in trouble for being a smart-a$$, and was trying to weasel her way out of having to provide you with a number. I'd keep calling, and ask directly for the manager, and report the person.

    If the way she was acting was sanctioned, she'd have given you the number.

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