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    I love mobileMe for over-the-air syncing and Find My iPhone.
    I use it sometimes to share .zip files as well.
    But for the most part, I barely use my iDisk space.
    I use about 5GB out of 20GB to sync my documents between my Mac Pro and Macbook Pro.

    I pay about $100/yr for hosting my portfolio website, on top of my typical $50/yr for MobileMe (through eBay).

    If I wanted to transfer my website to be hosted on my MobileMe, and paid for my domain name for about $10/yr, is that possible?

    I would store my website files (about 550MB) on my iDisk but have my personal domain ( read it using the Personal Domain setting in MobileMe?
    Would I have to use iWeb to upload it correctly?

    The only real benefit I would loose is my personal email (
    Does anyone know the best deal for email hosting?

    So instead of paying $100 for hosting, domain, and email.
    I was looking at just paying for domain name and email service (maybe $50?).
    And using my iDisk to host the files.
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    You do not need iWeb to manage your site. There are lots of options for domain registration and email, I use GoDaddy but you should shop around. You can have your email forwarded to your email address or just do your email on GoDaddy or wherever you choose.
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    Yes. I'm doing this, works fine. You just setup a CNAME entry for your domain pointing at and enter that (sub)domain in the Personal Domain setting over at MobileMe.

    Not sure. You might need to upload your site in a specific folder structure on your iDisk.

    I'm using Google Apps Standard, which is free. I use it just for e-mail and calendar, Google Docs and Sites are also included.

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