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Hot Corners for Applications in single Space/Mission Control


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Aug 8, 2020
Hey all,

I can't seem to find an answer for this and if this is possible. Figured if it's possible I would find someone with an answer here.


I use multiple desktops/spaces for different projects. In those desktops I have windows for applications that are on other desktops. For example, I have a chrome window linked to my work in 1 desktop, and then a chrome window that's linked to my personal in another desktop. In some of those desktops, I may have multiple chrome windows open for whatever reason.

I can use hot corners for applications, but it shows me windows for that application across all desktops. I only want to see the windows open for that specific desktop. In my hot corner for mission control, I see all the windows open in that desktop which isn't useful if I have 4+ applications open.

What I would like:

A way to view all application windows for a single application in a single desktop.

Example: I have 3 chrome windows in 1 desktop space open and 2 chrome windows in another. I want to only see the 3 chrome windows for the desktop I am in.

Is this possible?

Would be forever grateful to anyone that has a solution for this.



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Aug 8, 2020
Thanks! That is something I tried before this but it was really slow on my computer. I probably need a new one soon but I'd like to think a 2017 Air with 8 gb of ram should be able to handle it. Maybe I was doing something wrong.


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Dec 22, 2007
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I was just coming to post that I just read on this site about Panelicious and that I think it might help you, when I realized while reading your post again: What you need is a bigger screen.

If you go to System preferences, select mission control, unselect "Group windows by application" and you use a big enough screen you can easily discern all the apps and windows open at a time in a specified desktop. In this example I have 9 apps and 12 windows open at a time, and I can still read "the fine print" in them

At least it works for me.


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