Hot pixel on new XSi?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by /"\/oo\/"\, Sep 6, 2009.

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    Hey everybody-

    Long story short, I noticed a red dot in some photos after importing them and after playing around with ISO and exposure, the dot is most visible at higher ISOs and longer exposure- though it's at least slightly visible across the board :(

    There are two pictures below- the first is a crop of the moon with the dot to the lower left of the moon (sorry for the poor photo). The second is at 1600 and 30" with the lens cap on. You may have to click through to see the "full" resolution and the dot.

    If this is a hot pixel (on my 5 week old camera...), what's to be done about it?

    Thanks much! :)

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    That is definitely a hot pixel. I mean look at the way she moves! lol I joke I joke but anyway I really don't know theres much you can do unless its under warrantee of course there is always things you can do in Post processing.
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    If you bought it new go through the Canon warranty process. Otherwise you can only deal with it in post-processing.
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    Hot pixels while not extremely common are not unheard of either. It's kind of like a dead pixel on an LCD monitor, and considering that the typical DSLR has many times the amount of photosites as an LCD has pixels, then a few hot pixels are to be expected on even a new camera.

    I know that for Nikon cameras if you find hot pixels to bother you, you can send the camera back to Nikon and they will "map out" the hot pixels (meaning they will program into teh firmware what pixels are bad and have the camera automatically sample data from around that dead pixel to compensate). Perhaps there is a similar service by Canon?

    Otherwise, I have found that some RAW demosaicers automatically map out hot pixels, and at least in LR if you apply just "1" amount of color noise reduction it will get rid of the hot pixels as well.

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