Hot tip! Is your hard drive protected?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by davidstacy, Mar 1, 2008.

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    Mar 1, 2008
    It's happen before, it just happened and it will happen again: I lost power to my External Hard drive and it caused problems. This time I lost permissions and Verify/Repair Permission was grayed out in my Disk Utility. I couldn't transfer any data from my external HD except to the trash and then I couldn't get it out of the trash!

    Finally, the problem was solved: I started up from my external hard drive, opened Disk Utilities and Repair Permission worked! For protection I always install an operating system on every drive. Then, when something happens, and eventually it will, you're still functional. To check I restarted on my internal HD and bingo, my external HD was working.

    I never studied programing and don't know how to use the terminal. So this may be the hackers way of HD protection. Memory is so cheap now why not install an operating system on every drive?

    Also, another protection solution, and I think Time Machine addresses it, is to back up the entire HD image. The best time to do it is after a fresh install and you have your drive the way you want it. Avoid those long hours of application installs by backing up your entire drive. If you don't have Time Machine, you can Google for free programs to do it.

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    It might be worth a little extra space to put the O.S. on every disk, just in case, but I boot from a Mac OS X disc if my main disk is having trouble.

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