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Jun 2, 2010
Ok the title pretty much summarizes my question. I frequently have to switch my sound output device from Line Out to Headphones. I know all about the Option-Click of the menubar icon, but what I really want is to assign a hotkey to cycle through them (similar to the alt tab program scroll) when I can't easily get up to cross the room for my mouse.

If it helps I use a Logitech DiNovo Mac edition keyboard. I've looked all through it's prefpane but it doesn't have an option to switch sound outputs. If there was an unknown keyboard shortcut to switch outputs then I could easily just assign it to an Fx key.


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Sep 17, 2015
Was also looking for something with similar functionality. Luckily I can across this program which allows you to simplify the audio switching process in your menu bar and also has customizable shortcut keys to do just this without any scripting:

I use (control + option + 1) to switch my audio output source to my mac and (control + option + 2) to set it to my headphones. Works like a charm!
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