Carrier Hotspot speed with TMO / VZ for iPhone


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Jun 10, 2010
T-Mobile & Verizon both offer a hotspot feature included w/ many of their PREPAID plans.

They both state though that connected devices will only get DSL speeds (3G).

VZ has a $35/mo, unlmtd talk, text w/ 6GB data
TMO $27.50 unlmtd talk, text w/ 50GB data

Would be nice to use a a hotspot for w/ a wi-fi iPad but I fear too slow for Zoom or Facetime

So my question is has any one here signed up for one of these and checked the hotspot speed broadcasting from the iPhone using wi-fi and/or teathering?



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Aug 8, 2011
I have postpaid Verizon (Go Unlimited), which allegedly is subject to the same speed restrictions as Verizon prepaid.

I was leading a Zoom webinar with about 80 attendees and my home internet went down 10 minutes before it was scheduled to begin. I used hotspot and was able to conduct the screenshare and my audio was crystal clear. I disabled the video, though.

If this is for work/school and you expect to be video conferencing a lot, I'd look into paying for a plan that allows for better speeds. Better yet, using home internet. I understand that there are users in areas where home internet is not an option, though. Good luck.
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