Hotsync your Palm on OS X!!

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    Jun 15, 2000
    Are you frusterated about not being able to Hotsync your Palm or Handspring Visor in OS X? Sick of starting up in OS 9 every time you need to Hotsync? Well, if you said yes to those questions, then read on!

    If you own a Palm that uses a serial cradle, you will need to buy Keyspan's USB PDA Adapter ( and download their OS X drivers ( They will work in OS X!

    If you own a Handspring Visor, you're in luck! Just continue reading.

    Now to Hotsync either your Palm* or Visor in OS X, do the following:
    1) Open up Hotsync Manager (in Classic, obviously) and disable Hotsyncing.
    2) Close Hotsync Manager
    3) Open up Hotsync Manager again and enable Hotsyncing.
    4) Close Hotsync Manager
    5) Click the Hotsync button on your Hotsync cradle and you're off!

    * After you've bought the Keyspan USB Adapter and installed the OS X drivers.

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