House with no cable outlets- who does the best installation? ATT, Comcast, or DishTV?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by jeff123816, Apr 29, 2012.

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    I'll soon be moving into a new house. The house was recently remodeled and I'm not seeing any coaxial cable outlets in any of the rooms. I'm thinking that there hasn't been any cable or internet service in the house before. So I am going to need some outlets installed. I was wondering which of the three companies has the best installation deal. I don't want to pay a load of money... does AT&T or Comcast install outlets as part of their regular installation service? I'll need to do business with one of them to get internet service. I was thinking of going with Direct TV for television service since they are cheaper. I don't know if they would require outlets... any idea?

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    Generally the technician (independent of what provider you go with) will drill a hole through your wall and snake a cable through. You can ask them to connect it to an outlet and mount the outlet in a wall, but it will probably cost extra.
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    The technician will drill as many holes as needed to provide cable service to each of the OP's rooms with outside walls. The technician cannot be expected to run cable inside the residence.
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    Use an antenna. Service is free after the antenna purchase.
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    Comcast is totally incompetent. When we upgraded to Xfinity they knocked out our regular phone lines. It took multiple (more than 10) visaits from various 'technicians' to finally restore just the phone.
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    It has nothing to do with each vendor but with each individual tech that works for them. They all have hacks and they all have great technicians. People actually think that one company magically hires more competent techs than the others? It's like asking which car company has the best mechanics working in their dealerships. Come on!

    I worked in high end data installations for Sun Microsystems campuses back in the day. We had some great people who really knew their stuff, and we had total hacks that would do anything to get the job done.

    It's a coin toss.

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