housing cracks and screen crack

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    i've had my 3GS since launch day and have finally encountered the well known cracks in the housing around the volume switch, ports, etc. They are minimal and hardly noticeable so I didn't think about returning the phone for a replacement. However, yesterday, the lower right corner of my screen cracked. I haven't used a case in a while, but do have BSE covering the back portion from scratches. I keep the phone in my pants pocket with nothing else in them. I don't wear baggy gangsta jeans, but at the same time, I don't wear tight hipster jeans either. I've owned iphones since they were originally released in '07 and have never had problems with my screen.
    So the question is, will Apple replace it? I know they replace cracked housings, but I would assume they wouldn't cover the glass. I plan on making an appointment with the genius bar, but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask on here to see if anyone else has had a similar experience.

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    Take it in and show it to them. If the screen has cracked due to a mfg defect, they will replace it. They replaced my screen when it had a bubble in the glass. Just take it in. You have nothing to lose by it. And since your shell is cracked, they may just give you a whole new phone.:)
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    thankfully they replaced it with really no questions asked. downside is i got a 3.1.3 phone which means i'm SOL on my jailbreak. dammit

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