How about 10Gb iCloud storage free?

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    Apple have quietly added a tier to their iCloud storage options, 2Tb. It makes sense I guess with the possibility of setting the base level iPhone at 32Gb and some suggesting that a 256GB iPhone may appear to join the 256GB iPad Pro. Not to mention the new feature of macOS Sierra that lets you store your Documents and Desktop folders in iCloud, to be synced between all your Macs. With people generating more and more data and (wisely) backing it up the bottom tier of 5Gb free looks pretty paltry. After all I'm sure that the revenue generated by iCloud storage doesn't amount to anything significant for Apple why not allow us low level users access to a bit more for free.
    Personally I use iCloud Keychain, iCloud Drive (to sync my Password manager), Mail (which I don't use), Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Notes and the essential Find My iPhone. The whole lot only uses 1.5 Gb but I would use a lot more if it was free. If I add iCloud Photo Library for example I am well, close the limit. I used to use it but I got sick of being constantly bugged by messages that I'm almost out of space to store my backup, along with a threatening dialogue box encouraging me to upgrade my storage plan or I won't be able to use my iCloud email service. In fact given that I have 64Gb storage on my iPhone 5s it might not be unreasonable to expect a base level of 25Gb.
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    The base 5GB is plenty for basic iCloud backups of two or three devices. If you use your phone regularly for photos and video, the reasonable $0.99/50GB tier is usually more than enough for the average person.
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    Not really TBH. I have an iPad and my iPhone backed up on it takes about 6-7GB. Add in my photos and it is 9GB-10GB. I am paying $0.99 a month for the 50GB tier?

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