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    I'm looking at buying a "new in box" Mac Pro (2013) from a Craigslist type seller.

    The seller has simply described it as an 8 core / 12 GB RAM / 512 GB SSD.

    The story is that it is an insurance replacement, custom ordered by a Mac dealer and provided with minimal labeling - the box simply has a "Mac Pro" CTO designation.

    I wanted to know the graphics card type. The seller thought the Mac dealer would have ordered the base card for this model, which an Apple BTO web page usually defaults as a D500. However, as the 12GB RAM and 512GB aren't really "base" (16GB and 256GB are the defaults), I wanted to know a bit more about its configuration including the possibility of better graphics.

    The seller sent a photo of the label on the side of the box, which included the serial number. I plugged the serial into and it gave me a readout of:

    4 core 3.7GHz, 12 or 16 GB CTO, 512 GB Flash hard drive, Dual AMD FirePro D500 graphics card.

    A four core Mac Pro is very different to an eight core, and since the machine is priced as if it's the latter, I want to be pretty sure before going the distance to pick it up.

    I mentioned this to the seller and he insists the Mac dealer labeled it as an 8-core on the outer box. The seller seems very reluctant to get it out of the box and power it on to check. (I assume he thinks this will reduce its "new in box" value.)

    At this stage, I'm suspicious enough to pass on it, but I'm still curious that I might be missing out.

    TL;DR How accurate is
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    I'd have to say not very accurate at all. I plugged in the serial number for my retina MBP, and apparently my computer doesn't exist.

    Take it with a grain of salt, I'd say.
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    The serial number lookup sites only do well with standard configuration orders. Refurbs, education orders, and custom orders are often wrong, with base model specifications listed instead of actual specifications. Heck, I've seen one lookup site that thinks every single nMP is a refurb.

    I've not seen your particular lookup site before, but it's obvious from the results that it is making guesses: "12 or 16 GB" for example.

    I have no idea if this CL seller is legit or not, but I do know that you can't judge him based solely on a serial number lookup site.
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