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Sep 15, 2023
Frankfort Illinois
I am on the Consumer Cellular network and currently own an iPhone 12 Pro which has a physical SIMM card. Friday my new iPhone 15 Pro Max will be delivered and I will transfer my phone number and data to that phone. The iPhone 15 has an eSIMM and I'm not sure how and when I install it. I was told by Consumer Cellular to call them and they will send me a QR code in an e-mail to install the eSIMM. How do I do it and when. Is it done while I'm going through the setup routine in the beginning when I'm programing and entering data on my new phone using Quick Start? Or do I install the e SIMM after I run the new phone setup? It sounds like from the directions in Quick Start that programming the eSIMM is done during the initial programming of the phone. Has anybody installed an eSIMM using a QR code?


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Dec 23, 2013
Near Detroit, MI. USA
There will be an option to scan a QR code to set up an eSIM.
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