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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by DC Wallaby, Mar 13, 2015.

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    Daring Fireball linked to this article, which is a fascinating look at the processes Apple used in manufacturing the various metals to make the Apple Watch collections. For all the people wondering why they'd charge as much as they do ... I think this has something to do with it. Gruber noted this excerpt:

    Yes, Apple could certainly charge less and do less. But when has that ever been Apple's style? Yes, the Apple Watch is at its heart a computing device. But the level of dedication and care that has gone into designing the casing is nothing short of incredible, and that is a huge aspect of what this device is. And if that's the case, why would Apple charge anything less than what the manufacturing process is worth?

    I think this allayed a lot of my fears in regards to the pricing of the Watches. Pretty impressive, when you think about it.
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    Sweet! :) Nothing less than I'd expect of a Johnny Ive.
    They're lucky they still have him. Picture he and Steve wouldve died together in a plane crash or somehting. They couldve shut the company down.
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    I see the 6 pin ports in the videos for each of the 3 watch types. And I find it hard to believe Apple would show us something that won't be there.

    He speculates that unlike the SS and gold, the aluminum watch will be glued in place, and as such, maybe the 6 pin port will remain for the aluminum but not the other two.

    I doubt this as it would also mean the battery on a $400 dollar watch is not replaceable. No way.
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    Yes, this is the quote I love the most

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    I agree. I think the port will be on the shipping watch. However, the port may never have a consumer purpose, and may remain strictly for troubleshooting and loading the OS at the factory (I doubt they're making wireless connections to millions of watches for the purpose of loading software, whereas we can do wireless updates at home).
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    Koenig theorizes that in the Sport the watch "movement" is glued on, but in the SS and gold, the "movement" can be replaced since it's not glued. This would mean a generation 2 "movement" could be inserted in. Would Apple have customers hand-in their old SS cases and pay to have an upgraded generation 2 movement??
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    Incredible details and unmatched geeky craftmanship.

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