How are the latest MacBook pro's reliability/stability?


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Jul 5, 2004
Hey folks.. Forgive me for the vague question! But recently I got one of the latest iMacs and its just been a complete disaster what with all the freezing problems, and now I give up and want rid of it. Hopefully I can squeeze a full refund out of Apple. OR, a credit note and i'll pay the difference to get an MBP.

Naturally I buy Macs because I don't want to worry about reliability issues, otherwise i'd have bought a pc! So do you guys think i'd be better off with an MBP?

Im hoping to get a new 15" 2.6ghz model. I don't want a Mac Pro, because they are way too big, expensive, and for a decent graphics card i'd have to go with ATI again, which understandably im not keen on after the iMac fiasco.
The nvidea setup in the MBP's seem perfectly adequate for my needs.

Thanks in advance for opinions :)


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Apr 2, 2007
We won't know til about December.

Those 2.6ghz configured mbp's take 2-3 weeks to ship.
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