How bad can Apples quality control be? 7 handsets in 6 months

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    I'm writing this post because I am now about to get my 7th iPhone 6, after it has been exchanged too many times. I have tried to "summarise" the whole story in this Thread.

    Around 6 months ago, in october 2014, i received my iPhone 6, after preordering it from my carrier here in Denmark.

    Not more than 1 month after receiving it, i noticed a small dot on the display, and i quickly concluded that it was a pixel error. I sent it to service at my service provider, and after som time, i received a new handset.

    Not more than two months after that, I got the well known front camera shift, and i imidiately sent it in to service as well. Again, i got a new handset.

    Then again in march, i had the same issue with the front camera. Again, i contacted my carrier, but they didn't want to look at it. After turning up in one of their shops, they didn't want to look at it.

    I was furious, so i contacted Apple, and the told me, that after an iPhone was exchanged, it was actually Apple who was responsible for the service. Happy about the news, i bought an express replacement, and a few days after that, i received my fourth handset.

    Not too long after i received it, maybe a week or so, i discovered that the display on the whole right side of the phone was loose, and every time i tapped it, it made a clicking sound. I found that very annoying, so i contacted Apple.

    What i would call a regular fight with the Apple support, started. It turned out that they after all, wasn't responsible for servicing exchanged iPhones, contradictory of what i was told. I quickly got contact with the senior advisor department, and they just needed a couple of photos and videos of the defect, and they would send me a new one. I was promised an answer right away, but i waited over a week until the problem was solved, and they send me a new handset.

    This time it was genuinely a new handset in a white box, but two minutes after receiving it, i saw that the handset had HUGE defects. It was clearly used, with big marks and dents all over it, and the screen didn't even seem to be attached to the aluminium case.

    I immediately called Apple support, and this time, they didn't seem to care too much. I was send down to a premium reseller store, Humac, where they took it in for servicing. I was furious, because i had payed for an express replacement earlier, but i ended up taking a lot more time to deal with the case, than if i just had send it to repair in the shop.

    Two weeks after that, i got a new handset. This time, i was convinced that i had a proper functioning handset that didn't have any defects. That was until yesterday where it was only 3 days old. This time, the screen was losse again, i got my hair stuck between the gaps, the home button was loose, and the headphone-output was clearly sticking out of the case. Disappointed, i have today sent it in for service, and am now expecting to receive my 7th handset in 6 months in a couple of days.

    I don't know what to say after having to exchange so many iPhones. Maybe i'm just picky, but a phone for 800+ USD can't have so many issues. Maybe Apples QC is just crap.

    I don't know what i can do about it, because Apple seems like they don't care about these issues. Overtime i talk to them, and ask about an email for their superiors, they tell me that it is not possible. If i want to complain, i have to do it over the phone, and so far, i don't feel i'm being taken seriously.

    And come on, 7 handsets in 6 months??? I think it is unheard of. I know that they have exchanged it every time, but this must come to and end at some point!
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    Don't know what to tell you. I have had a total of like 5 different iPhone 6s (just because I'm indecisive and keep switching colours and such) and they've all been flawless (and I'm probably one of the pickiest people you'll ever meet; I'm practically OCD about this stuff).

    Maybe they're playing catch down at the post office and they're not very good at it? Seems most of these issues would happen because of rough transport.

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