How best to add live commentary to existing dvd/video?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by wildatheart, Mar 7, 2015.

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    I have some (silent) dvd's that are recordings of old Super 8 movies - I would like to view them and record audio commentary at the same time, so that in future, anyone can watch the footage with the audio commentary, as a single video&audio file. I have two macs -if necessary- to play back and record audio, but ideally the viewing and recording might be on one machine, so that when video playback is paused, the audio recording is paused too? Perhaps the audio is immediately 'attached' to the video file as it plays? Is this even possible? I'm familiar with Handbrake and reasonably competent on my mac, but I would love some pointers as to what might be the best way to go about this.

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    If you're editing with finalcut pro or premiere pro, simple set an in and an out point of your video.. start at your in point and use the voice over tools inside the editing program, record away while watching the video.
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    My assumption is that you are fine with an mp4/m4v file and that you do not have any commercial DVD authoring applications like DVD Studio Pro.

    1. Handbrake (freeware): Rip and convert the DVD using the following settings:
    Preset: AppleTV 2
    Audio Track: none
    Picture Settings: Size... Preview the cropping to verify not cutting too much of the picture
    Picture Settings: Filters... Deinterlace Slow, is probably needed

    2.Quicktime: to record commentary
    a. begin recording the commentary in one QT window and watch the Handbrake video file in another QT player; record begin and end audio markers in commentary that match the video start/end (i.e., "Now, video starts")
    b. trim the audio to the markers
    c. save file as .m4a

    3. Subler (freeware): to add the audio track to the video

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