How best to uninstall OS X Software such as Final Cut Studio?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by markw10, Apr 2, 2007.

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    I am relatively new to the mac and am a pc switcher.
    I am used to the uninstall/remove program option on Windows. Is there something like this on OS X? I don't see it and assume that it is as simple as dragging the program icon(s) to the trash can to delete. I installed the entire Final Cut Studio but then realized the only two sections of it I use are Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio. To free a lot of wasted space I decided to remove Livetype, Motion, and all the other sections but it didn't free up that space. Am I doing something wrong? What is the best way to remove this and other programs completely from OS X?
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    If the software use a "installer" then there's an"uninstaller" in the software pack..

    No on the 1st.. then drag the app to the trash and empty the trash can .. Uninstalled the app

    edit: drag the app from app folder to the trash n empty
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    Any Free Way?

    Added the Link
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    Unlike MS Windows, on the Mac all the program files are in one place in the Applications folder. So dragging the app to the trash is all you need to do to remove the program. But the program likely made some data files when it ran. It the very least it needs to "remember" preferences you set. But really, these are so small (few kilobytes) that you shouldn't even care if they are left over.

    You can find special third party programs that know how to find and delete these files or yu can search for them using Spotlight and delete them your self or just figure it does not mater.

    On Windows there is this shared resource called "the registry" so to delete a program you need to modify the registry and botching that job screws up other programs. ANd then there is the problem of DLL versions. Mac OS simply does not have these issues. programs don't modify shared resorces so deleting a program is not rocket science
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    lol you post this at mac-forums? this looks extremely familiar ;)

    just trash the program and then do a spotlight search for any addition files contaiing its name, make sure you dont delete anything you might need and then empty your trash.

    also remember that if a program was installed with an actual installer, the best way to remove it is with the un-installer
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    New to OS X too I was overly concerned about removing every trace of any program I "uninstalled" My other MAC buddy said don't forget this ain't Windows. Just trash the program from the applications folder and call it done. After about dozen serching through spotlight to try to annaly uninstall every scrap of what ever program I was uninstalling I realized he was right.
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