How can a DJ/Producer upload self made tracks to iCloud and Apple playlists?

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    Sep 28, 2015
    I produce music using Logic or Ableton. I used to be able to export .wav .aif or .mp3 files to my desk top, drag them to an apple playlist, and listen to them on any device. Now when I drag a self made track to an existing or new playlist I get the fallowing error:

    I have tried to upload the tracks to iCloud by clicking the three dots and choosing add to iCloud library. This seems to work because the option disappears. Also, I can view the tracks on my recently played list on my iPhone.

    When I try to upload the playlist however I keep getting the same error. Does iCloud not support .wav or .aif files? Does it only support purchased tracks from iTunes?

    As a DJ I buy music in multiple formats from multiple venders and used to use apple playlists to organize the tracks and burn them in order on CDs if need be. Please tell me if there is an ex fix or a better solution.
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    Sep 28, 2015
    Sorry I forgot to copy an paste te error:

    iCloud Music Library playlists can only include music from your iCloud Music Library. This playlist can't be uploaded because it includes other media or songs that are not eligible.
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    It's kind of confusing...but basically, if you try to create a playlist in iTunes and you add any music that isn't in your 'iCloud Music Library', you'll get that error.

    I just spent hours trying to fix this on my Mac. If you add a new song to iTunes, make sure you upload it to iCloud as you mentioned you have been, and as long as the music you're putting into a playlist in iTunes has been uploaded, and the iCloud status shows 'uploaded' under Get Info - then you should see the playlist and music pop up on your iOS devices shortly after.

    I just added the Games new album (although it's a pre-release still in iTunes) I was able to upload the files, put them into a playlist, and after a few hours I finally now see them on my iOS devices.

    It's not nearly as simple or fast as simply syncing your phone to iTunes, like it used to be. This fact alone is making me rethink the Apple Music subscription which sucks because I love being able to access my entire just a major pain in the ass at times adding new music and waiting for iCloud to update.

    Let me know if this helps.

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