How can apple cater for the vinyl revival?

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    The so called vinyl revival seems to be rapidly moving from cult audiophile obsession to the main stream. I've read so much about it lately.

    How can apple respond to this or at least cater for this genuine demand to high resolution even analogue audio-

    Perhaps everything can't be digitised and downloaded ??
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    I've seen a few LPs that come with digital download codes and Amazon AutoRip now applies to vinyl as well as CD so vinyl fans who also want digital copy are being catered for. I'm not sure how Apple could respond though.
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    hehe.... vinyl revival...... good concept. :D

    Take them by force...... it the record aren't available, u won't have a choice *but* to download digitally.

    Ease the transition...

    Take the vinyl into Apple Store and FREE gift code card to redeem in the iTunes store to download the digital version from the analog one u just handed in ?

    one could rip it to their Mac then redeem for 'better' quality, but i dunno what good that would do..

    low quality or if you've just done the hard work anyway... so the effort won't be as big to upgrade to something that already now digital.
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    I can't claim to be an audiophile as I don't think my hearing is up to it. But .. I keep hearing about how record sales are increasing. Maybe it's just a uk thing where there has always been a lot of great Hifi companies (wharfdale, Tannoy , KEF, Linn, Naim I could go on and on) and music is ingrained in the culture. Vinyl sales are getting significant and there was an interview on bbc news

    Linn Managing Director, Gilad Tiefenbrun, was on BBC News to discuss the vinyl revival and how it compares to digital streaming.
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    Vinyl sales have been increasing, but I don't see Apple going that direction. As mentioned, they could make some deal with a label(s) to get some percentage of the sale for the inclusion of an iTunes download of the album. However, if Apple goes for the audiophile market, I think they would be more likely to go to high resolution downloads rather than analog.
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    Yes I think you're right- apple will have to launch a high res service or risk being seen as inferior to other services such as tidal. It's debatable if there is s discernible difference but many people claim to tell the difference-

    There is a test of standard v high res here and
    I tried this test and got 4 out of 6 right
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    This looks interesting-

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