How can I be sure that I am not printing on someone else's printer?

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  1. pleasehelp!, Jul 27, 2008
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    Your explanation is somewhat confusing . . . So, you use a laptop and print to another computer on your network, but sometimes your laptop connects to a different wireless network, and when you print it doesn't print to the printer attached to YOUR network. Is that correct?

    Regardless of whether I understood you or not, if you haven't installed the drivers for your neighbors printer it isn't going to print out most likely. Also, you should get some sort of warning that the document failed to print. Not to mention when I print I always have a printer dialog open up that tells me which printer I am using.

    I would go into system preferences, then network, then highlight airport and click configure at the bottom of the screen. Make sure "by default" is set to preferred networks, then delete any network out of the list that you don't want it to automatically connect to. Then, click Options and select ask before joining a wireless network. And, if you have administrator privileges, you can set it to require a password to change networks.

    Hope this helps, if not, please try and explain the situation a little better, that is unless I got it correct. :)
  3. pleasehelp!, Jul 27, 2008
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