How can I block this email?

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    Aug 5, 2013
    For months now I've been getting the same spam from different email addresses everyday. It's all casino and betting related crap that I have never ever signed up to. The message content is all very similar: I have 700 GBP in my account etc etc.

    On my Mac I can set up rules to block various things which is good but not perfect, however its not OSX thats the problem, its iOS. When I'm out and about I've got my iPhone with me and obviously my Mac at home is off because I'm not using it. Because the Mac is off the rules I have set up aren't affecting any spam that tries to get through and so I get spam on my iPhone as for some very odd reason only Apple knows we cannot sync or even set the same spam rules we can on OSX.

    My ISP has good spam filtering and my filter is set to the second highest setting out of fifteen levels. It's very effective but this one Casino related crap keeps getting through. I can block email addresses by adding them to a blacklist on my ISP email settings page and it works a treat however as this particular spam comes from a different address every time it still gets through.

    Attached is an email header from one of the emails I keep getting. Can someone explain it to me and how I may set about blocking it somehow?

    Any help will be much appreciated... and please dont just say "leave my Mac on."

    EDIT: I've just found and inputting the header determines the email originated from Denmark with the IP address which does appear in the header. As my ISP only accepts email addresses to block could it be possible to add the message ID from the header (which is formatted like an address) to the blacklist?

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    Want email account do you have? iCloud? GMail? Something else?

    Can you set up a Rule on your email account's web interface that sends all messages with that particular subject line to the Trash?
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    Filter as spam anything containing "700 GBP" in Gmail.
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    Aug 5, 2013
    It's my own domain and email through fast hosts. I can only block email addresses. I can't set up rules.

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