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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by fleshman03, Aug 13, 2009.

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    May 27, 2008
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    So you know how when Steve gives a keynote, sometimes the video is presented in an almost V shape - with the video on one side and the presentation slide on the other?

    I'm wondering how to do that. I'm working on a project for dissemination through iTunesU and I want it to look as professional as I can. I've managed to do picture in picture through iMovie, but it's not really the effect I'm looking for.

    This is what I want to do:

    I want to say that is an almost iChat like effect.

    Any ideas? Surely someone can help me.

    What I have:
    MacBook Pro (Early 2008)
    iLife 2009
    iWork 2009
    FCE 4
    KeyNote presentation exported as a .mov file.
    The original KeyNote file.
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    I think the simplest way would be to just do this directly in Keynote.

    1. Record your two video clips.
    2. Create a slide with a black background.
    3. Drop the two video clips in.
    4. Adjust size and shape to achieve the proper perspective.
    5. Select [one/both] and in the inspector chose the reflection attribute.
    6. In the Quicktime inspector panel, choose how the clips are controlled (e.g., play automatically, play on click, etc.).

    You could have also created this in Shake, if it wasn't killed.... :(
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    Jan 22, 2009
    Since you have Final Cut Express 4, you can do this. I'm assuming you know how to use FCE 4.

    1. On the first Video track, create a black matte (for the black background
    2. Add your 1st video clip on Video Track 2
    3. Go to the Motions tab and scale it down, then add a BASIC 3-D Effect (and mess with it.)
    4. Repeat for the 2nd video clip
    5. Mess with each clip's Motion setting for alignment (centering), and scaling.

    I just did it as a test in under 3 minutes. It's very straight-forward, but if you're unsure about some steps let me know!!!

    See pics for some clarification.

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    May 27, 2008
    Sioux City, IA
    I really like this idea, but is there a way to change the perspective of things other than a graph in keynote?

    This was really helpful. I'm very new to FCE and iMovie to be honest. My experience with video has really been with re-encoding.

    I managed to get the perspective right, but it just looks aweful. Here is a screen shot. The file ended up being 1.5gb for 6 minutes... :eek:

    It just doesn't look quite as good as the Apple Produced one. I can't really figure out what I did wrong.

    Attachment 1: FCE Video 1.5GB file
    Attachment 2: iMovie video. (What might be the finished product) 50MB file.

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    Jan 22, 2009
    You got the idea right but you just need to tweak it.

    First, I would crop the left-hand-side video on its right side a bit.

    And since your right hand side video seems like its top/bottom are chopped off, try scaling it within the Basic 3-D filter (shown in the picture below).

    Also, I put my test picture of this effect below too.

    Lastly, you can re-encode the file to be smaller. Go to EXPORT - and use AS QUICKTIME CONVERSION. Then find an appropriate codec. H.264 is a good one that makes the file size very small and maintains decent image quality (not the best, but it's good).

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