How can I find a MP4 I just sync'd to my iPad?

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    Sep 26, 2010
    I've been using my iPad 2 for game playing and news / book reading exclusively.

    Someone from work sent me a MP4 video file to view to become familiar with the topic. He said it was iPad compatible. I thought - cool, I can use my iPAD for a work-related reason, and watch it in the kitchen while I'm prepping dinner.

    Alas, I am not smart enough to figure out how to view this video on my iPAD.

    ---------- Following instructions from iTunes Help on my Windows 7 PC, I tried to add the MP4 to my iPad by:
    1) in iTunes, File --> Add File to Library
    2) in iTunes, checked to sync
    3) Sync'd with my iPad

    However, on my iPad, I can't find this MP4.

    In the iPad's iTunes application, I only see all the movies that Apple wants me to buy. But maybe my MP4 is buried there somewhere and I am just not seeing it?

    In the iPad's iPod application, I only see music, podcasts, etc (audio).

    ---------- Next thing I tried:
    In iTunes on my PC, I tried dragging the file on top of the device "iPad". That looked like it did move the video file to my iPAD, but I still can't find the MP4 anywhere on my iPad.

    ---------- Other evidence it might be on my iPad:
    From Windows 7 iTunes, if I click on my iPad device, I can see the MP4 there, and I can play the video

    But I still can't find it on my iPad once I disconnect it from my PC.

    Using iTunes usually makes me feel like an idiot.

    Another example:

    I spent time religiously doing something iTunes calls "sync".
    However, I still need to perform another action that it calls "transfer purchases", or else bad things happen.

    If I'm doing something called "sync", and I have sync apps checked, why wouldn't that transfer the apps I've purchased?
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    When you check to sync Videos in iTunes on your computer be sure to check to include videos. You won't find it in iTunes on the iPad. I believe it will in the Videos app or the Photos app.

    iPad User Guide

    You can locate a video file if it's on the iPad by swiping left on the home screen to get the search window and entering the episode or movie title and the search will locate it and show the icon of the app which will open it.

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