How can I fix my optical drive for free?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by OsxEmma, Aug 22, 2012.

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    Aug 22, 2012
    It's been about 1 year and a month since I bought my macbook pro. Recently I found out my disk drive was broken so I made an appointment today to check in with the Genius. I went in they told me that everything looked okay and didn't know why it wasn't taking any CD's so they went into the back room and came out to tell me something was wrong with my optical drive. My apple care had just run out over a month so I had to pay around $150+ to get it fix. They also told me it could be my logic board which would cost around $650+ to fix. I asked them what the problem was and why it was broken but they refused to tell me. They said they aren't liable to tell me what is actually wrong with it.... (WTF) so I said how do I prevent from ever happening again and they just said it was just bad luck or a defect.... I started arguing how it was my fault if it was bad luck or a defect and he stated that he couldn't do anything... so I just left...

    Does anyone know a way I can get it fixed for free from Apple? What do I need to say? Thanks in advance.. I really don't want to pay for a new optical drive when I rarely use it
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    This might happen the same way it did in the store. But call AppleCare to see if they can make an exception for you since it's only month out of warranty.

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    It happened to me with my macbook pro 2008. The superdrive kept failing at burning discs after the Lead in, I tried everything: reinstalling the OS, updating firmware etc. we decided to take it to the genius bar to have i checked and our warranty expired a month or so before the defect manifested itself but the Genius decided to fix it for free by exchanging the superdrive for a new one...
    Geniuses have the power to decide whether or not to fix something for free. They have to ask to a manager when the total of the repair is over a certain
    It really comes down to the person who is helping you at the bar. I usually send my wife to play dumb and helpless while I browse the store... :D

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